• We meet all restaurant needs.
    Replica Foods
    The mission of replica foods is to aid in increasing shop sales. Please make use of replica foods as a ‘messaging tool’ to attract customers.
  • We meet all restaurant needs.
    Our products give a sense of season, cleanliness, presence and fun.
    We provide design suggestions that match and highlight
    the character of your shop.

Life-size, 3-dimensional sales promotion tools

The 6 roles of replica foods create a variety of advantages!

What are replica foods?

History accompanying the progression of Japan's rich restaurant culture

Replica foods are thought to have been invented in the 1920s.

Later, as department store restaurants became more common, replica foods spread all throughout Japan, and the distinctively Japanese style and culture of restaurant fronts displaying a case of replica foods was born. This unique technology and culture, which developed in Japan, has been carried on by replica food creation technicians that possess advanced skills and know-how, and it is attracting attention from all over the world.

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