Privacy policy

This website (hereinafter “the Website”) is operated for the purpose of providing information on IWASAKI CO., LTD. – IWASAKI BE-I (hereinafter “the Company”).

When using the Website, you may be asked to provide personal information. The Company uses personal information, such as customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., for the following purposes.

  1. To send catalogues of services provided by the Company, to send DM (Direct Mail), and to provide customers with information on related after-sales services, new services and questionnaire implementation.
  2. To confirm contents with the customer when we have received an inquiry relating to information on the various services provided by the Company.
  3. To provide information on functions and events at the Company.
  4. To send expressions of gratitude for cooperating in questionnaires and other surveys from the Company.
  5. To enable customers who have registered or who wish to register for services operated by the Company through the Website to smoothly make use of the services provided.

The Company shall not disclose customer personal information to a third party without the customer’s consent excepting in the following circumstances.

  1. When entrusting personal information to subcontractors with which the Company has entered into a Confidentiality Agreement relating to personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the usage purposes explained to the customer.
  2. When it is necessary to entrust personal information in the course of customer transactions (Examples of companies entrusted include shipping companies charged with delivery and companies charged with providing support)
  3. When disclosure is demanded by a court, government agency or similar public agency based on legislation.

The Company shall manage registered personal information with the utmost care.