Our Business

Restaurant Industry and Presentation Business
Our goal is to constantly create and surpass common practice

We are “food” presenters who possess professional-level skills and who are in touch with the way consumers feel.

Image and Functionality – We create “food” presentations that incorporate both of these aspects

“Food” presentations continue to diversify. Important issues faced by the restaurant industry including accurately ascertaining consumer preferences, which change through the times, and how to effectively convey the “sizzle” (meaning the image and taste) possessed by each product while keeping an eye on cost performance.

We in the Iwasaki Group were the first in the world to create replica foods more than 80 years ago.

Ever since we were founded, we have been engaged in various types of research and development as a pioneer in the field of creating new visual relationships between people, food and shops. Our advanced know-how on how to guide customers into your shop as well as on how to more effectively present product images and tastes, cultivated through many years of hard work, is highly rated and considered unique to IWASAKI.

And these abilities are fully utilized in a variety of sales promotion tools, including replica foods, which have become a necessity in the restaurant industry.

We meet all of your needs, for both tangible and intangible aspects

In addition to replica foods, we also provide a detailed and broad range of sale promotion tools necessary both inside and outside of restaurants, including sign boards, menu books, show cases, displays, etc.

Also, we do not simply provide tools. We incorporate highly-reliable software that psychologically analyzes each customer with an eye toward consistently providing total balance between each shop branch, shop character and product image.

We are No. 1 in the replica food industry. Yet, we continue to challenge ourselves.

We make up an overwhelmingly large share of the replica food industry.

However, we still face many obstacles to achieving our ideal replica foods and displays. The pursuit of limitless potential means personally breaking through the common practices, which we created, and creating new, more effective common practices in food presentation.

We continue to strive to be a valuable company that is constantly becoming more widely and more deeply trusted by our customers.

A production and sales system that rapidly meets customer needs

Be-I Factory (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)We possess reliable technology cultivated over many years that is capable of meeting replica food creation needs in a broad range of fields, from cuisine and confectionaries through to food product ingredients. Our well-rounded production system enables speedy delivery.

By responding immediately to changes in consumer preferences and product development, we offer unique installment payment plans and a leasing system to enable you to use our food sales promotion tools at reasonable prices.

We have adopted a system of coexistence in which we provide firm support for customer needs in terms of both production and sales.