How to order Replica Food

We explain how to order Replica Food.
Please follow Steps 1 ~ Step 5 (below):

First of all, please submit ”Specification Sheet” to the sales representative by e-mail.

We recommend you to submit photos + sketches + memos in PowerPoint, PDF, etc.
(However, if you don’t tell the details, then it is OK to send only photos.)

Iwasaki’s sales representative will contact you in return after checking the specification.
Please try to discuss the detail with sales representative, and decide the final specification.

For your reference, we introduce the examples of “Specification Sheet”(below).
In this way, please list up enough information as much as possible including

  1. recipe name
  2. ingredient name
  3. size (width, depth, height, diameter, etc.)
  4. other (color, appearance condition, etc.)

After confirming the specification, we will submit you the Budgetary Quotation. Please check the selling price.

(It will be the total amount including packing, shipping, and other cost.)

* If you wish to cancel your order due to your budget, then please tell your sales representative at this time.
We don’t charge you the fee for Budgetary Quotation. So please do not worry.

Please go on payment process through the following bank account or Paypal account.

(*Remittance charge ought to be paid by sender party.)

P1: Bank transfer (when remitting from Japan):

  • 銀行・支店名:みずほ銀行 蒲田支店
  • 預金種目:普通
  • 口座番号:1397728
  • 口座名義:株式会社岩崎
  • 仮名表示:カ)イワサキ

P2: Bank transfer (when remitting from a country other than Japan):

  • MIZUHO Bank. LTD. (Bank No. 0001)
  • KAMATA Branch (Branch No. 197)
  • Current Account No: 1404
    (*4-digit number is correct, because it’s Checking Account.)
  • Account Holder: Iwasaki. Co. Ltd.
  • Adress: 5-14-1, Kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, 144-0052, Japan
  • TEL: +81-3-3734-6131

P3: Paypal:

  • Please ask us without hesitation!

Depending on the specification of your items, There is a possibility that it will take 3 weeks or more lead time. We appriciate it very much for your understanding.

We will submit the finished product photo by e-mail. If there is no particular problem, then we will promptly ship to the designated address by Courier service (EMS).

After shipping out, we will inform you of the Tracking Number. Please check the transportation status on the web site, and make sure to receive it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any question, please ask us without hesitation!